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2014 OSI-Baltimore Black Male Achievement Fellow

SAFE Alternative Foundation for Education, Inc.


Safe Alternative Foundation for Education Inc informs others about the importance of obtaining an education, as well as having an alternate career plan in anticipation for life's deviations.

Through speaking engagements and programmatic community outreach, we prepare others for the possibility of not being able to achieve their original life goals. We emphasize the importance of always having a plan B in an event that plan A is altered.

If your primary life goal were no longer attainable what would you do?

Latest News

Van Brooks has been selected by The Baltimore City Youth Commission as a recipient of the "We Are The Dream" Award which honors civically engaged individuals from the ages of 14-30

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SAFE Center

SAFE Center will be just that…a safe place where our youth and young adults can come Monday-Saturday during out of school time. By providing a free facility to our at-risk and underserved community we can provide educational assistance, workshops, mentorship, meals, organized sports and much more to a community that otherwise wouldn’t have them. Click here to donate and help us continue rehabilitating SAFE Center

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