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Yards for Success brings together a team of local law enforcement officers, fire department personnel and local middle school students for a six-week flag football program. With a strong syllabus highlighting education, fun, and fitness, the program will keep students off the streets, as well as help them to develop healthy relationships with leaders of the community.

During the six-week program the students, educators, and coaches will meet three times a week at the Franklin Square Elementary and Middle School in Baltimore City. The program is structured to provide educational instruction, football practice, and an opportunity to put into action the skills that we teach.

At the conclusion of the program, the students will understand the importance of education, teamwork, positive conflict resolution, personal accountability, along with leadership and other important life skills. This program will produce individuals with improved self-esteem and respect for others that helps create safer communities.

Relationship Building: Using sports as the platform, SAFE runs a flag football program called “Yards for Success”. During the program, the youth play games against neighborhood police officers, and firefighters to help bridge the gap and build health relationships amongst them.

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