SAFE Camp 

Explore the world around you at SAFE Camp!

SAFE Camp is designed to provide a unique learning experience for curious and adventurous students who love to discover and learn new things. Daily field trips allow campers to explore new places throughout Maryland, learn new skills, and engage in fun, hands-on activities that promote curiosity and intellectual growth. 

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Registration Deadline July 1, 2024

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Our SAFE Camp is carefully designed for middle school students in the 21223 Baltimore City community. It is the perfect opportunity for them to hone and acquire educational and social skills while still enjoying the joys of summer.

To minimize and at times eliminate the summer learning gap, the program areas of focus are STEAM, Health & Fitness, and Literacy. Each program is a unique experience bursting with resources and knowledge atypical to our community. With the extra hours granted by summer break and hosting 20 students, we are able to dive deep and help each student on an individual level.