Workforce Development

Workforce Development


Increase interest in the construction trades, and create a pipeline between West Baltimore City’s residents and the construction industry.


11-17 Years

We will house a woodshop inside of the center which will be used to introduce middle school students to careers in the construction industry through vocational workshops. The center will also be used to teach math classes and how to apply those concepts into the real-world by using the woodshop.

18-24 Years

We will provide community-based resources, and opportunities to address three major barriers of skills training, transportation, and access which prevents residents from obtaining family supporting waged employment.

Impact Areas

Affordable Housing

Participants will receive technical training by refurbishing the surrounding vacant properties, creating new affordable housing.


Increased health benefits for families and the overall community


Stimulated local and city increase in the economy

Build Where You Live

Invest into your community’s future by investing into its people.

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