We believe that the key to success is through an education.

The SAFE Center helps students achieve academic success by integrating core academic subjects with real world application and providing students with innovative hands-on after school, weekend, and summer learning opportunities. 


There is a national crisis of decreasing college enrollments and careers in science and engineering. The U.S. has fallen from 3rd to 17th in the world in the number of college graduates in engineering programs and it’s estimated that 400,000 engineers will be needed in the near future.

Through our hands-on innovative programs, SAFE exposes, build students’ skills, and educate them on exciting STEAM careers in mechanical, marine, and aerospace engineering, as well as the construction industry. The more underrepresented youth populations that are interested in pursuing STEAM careers could satisfy the need for skilled workers in these professions.

Flags Up Raceway: "Teaches youth engineering through racing."


One of the key components of achieving academic success is having literacy skills. SAFE provides students with literacy programs that helps them with reading, and writing skills that promotes problem solving approaches and thinking skills. Additionally, students participate in financial literacy programs that teaches them about finance and how to earn, manage, and make wise financial decisions with their money.

Literacy: The Baltimore City Fire Department is a proud partner of SAFE and frequently visits the SAFE Center to assist with its literacy program.

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